Thursday, December 24, 2009

QA Challenge in the holiday spirit !

I've started a QA challenge via a LinkedIn discusion forum and wanted to present the same question here. It's in the spirit of Christmas and holiday cheer.

If you were an Elf and were asked to test Santa's sleigh so he can have a nice safe journey around the earth and everybody can wake up to their presents, what would be your test plan? (If it helps, consider it a software model of a sleigh or a real sleigh.. but be clear about it in the test plan)

It's probably the eggnog, but I think it's fun :)

Reply privately, if you do, because I am also using this challenge to find good QA engineer prospects for my team. Figured it would be a fun way to find good talent after going through like a million resumes.

If any of you do respond, I'll ask you to re-post here as a comment after the holidays.

Happy holidays!

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